Vignobles Pueyo is a family business that has existed since the end of the 19th century. In 1985, when the GAEC Pueyo brothers was created, it had 3.25 hectares of vines. At that time, vines were not the main activity, as Jacques and Jean Paul Pueyo were also market gardeners. The vineyard became the main activity in 1995 when the land structure reached 5.6 hectares in Saint Emilion.

When Jacques retired in 2010, Christophe, his son, joined the family business, which gradually expanded through purchases of opportunities in the neighbourhood until 2016. The purchase of 8 hectares in the commune of Mouliets-Villemartin in 2017, followed by the purchase of 7 hectares in Lugon in 2018, brought the company to its current size of 21 hectares.

Because of the different blocks of plots located in several communes, the vineyard has a diversity of soils: gravel and sandy-gravel in Libourne, clay-gravel in Mouliets-Villemartin and clay-limestone in Lugon. This diversity of soils allows us to adapt the grape varieties according to the type of soil. Cool soils with clay for the Merlot and gravelly soils with pebbles allowing the heat to be transmitted for the Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.