Organic farming and soil conservation

The property has been certified in organic farming since 2013, the vineyard practices an organic fight against the many aggressors of the vine.
Treatments are calculated and optimized according to the weather and increased observations of the vine. Copper and sulfur are the main active elements used in particular in the fight against fungi.

In addition, the overall objective is to reduce tillage as much as possible while respecting the precepts of conservation agriculture. In the fall, we sow green manures on a large part of the plots in order to maintain and improve the agronomic potential of the

The practice of biodynamic viticulture began in 2017, and is currently only carried out in the Libourne vineyard, with the aim of extending it to the rest of the estate in the long term. This approach is part of the continuity of the sustainable viticulture undertaken for several years in the vineyard. It contributes to the perpetual search for a balance in the vineyard’s soils and to the desire to reduce phytosanitary products thanks to phytotherapy.